Analyst Jancy with colour tool at The Colour Clinic

Hello, nice to see you are curious about The Colour Clinic and the benefits Personal Colour Analysis has for you.

Science confirms that colour is a major influence. I believe it is actually an incredible influencer! Not only does colour affect the way we look and, just how good we look - it is a very powerful communication tool. 

Colour can influence mood, behaviour, feelings and actions. It is even connected to your personality!


Colour also impacts how we are perceived by others. Did you know it is said that, first impressions are formed within 1/1o of a second of meeting someone? So, if you are looking to make your mark, let's move quickly to get your colour tone sorted, because PCA is the first step you should take, towards winning first impressions.

My name is Jancy, your trained and certified Personal Colour Analyst, creator and owner of The Colour Clinic.

If there is one thing I know about life, it's that so much can be uncontrollable. We are exposed to the elements by those around us, and in that way, sometimes life takes us to places we never thought we would be and certainly wouldn't choose to be - ever. In fact I say, life is all a bit 'Alice in Wonderland'!

To that end, after a series of traumatic ordeals highlighting just how abhorrent human behaviour can be, I was left pondering life's musings  - what is this life and, what on earth I am here for? I knew, before I stood again, my world needed some serious tweaking. 

I travelled back through the memories of my life looking at highlights - the things that bought me joy, the things that ticked all the boxes of what I knew of myself, my soul, my skills - which is why I am here in colour!

To me, colour is black and white, it doesn't lie. It tells an unmistakable story that enhances or detracts. When you know how to use it, the results are predictable. It can bring you to life or make you look sick, it can make you stand out or make you disappear. It can mesmerise or irritate. It can help you save money or help you to waste it. It can be used to free your time or let you mull it away. It can help you look and feel great or quite the opposite. The bottom line is - the use of colour can bring control to and enhance one important part of your life - YOU. It can help you make your life easier. And, isn't making life easier something we would all like?

In the 1980's I was introduced to the concept of Personal Colour Analysis and trained when the only system available was that of the 4 Seasons. These days, after training in 12 Tone Sci/ART Personal Colour Analysis, with Amelia Butler at True Colour International, it is easy to see the flaws in a system that placed both my husband and I in the same season. I can say with certainty, just by looking at the differences in human colouring between he and I, that the 4 seasons system provided a colour correlation rather than tonal accuracy or true colour harmony. The old system could only ever provide a small degree of accuracy to those who were truly a True Season or as we call them now - a True Tone. Today we have a system in TCI Sci/ART 12 Tone Personal Colour Analysis that provides accuracy to all.

In deciding what my new life would be, I not only wanted to enjoy the work I chose, but feel purpose. I also wanted to gift something to the good people of this world through it. I wanted to make a difference, make something in life easier. So, that 'gift' had to be useful, of value - something to simplify living, bringing goodness and empowerment. Personal Colour Analysis ticks all those boxes for me. Using colour well, filters positively through to many parts of life. It gives a sense of freedom, brings harmony - it enhances and makes easy something we do every single day and, I want that for you, if you want it too.

Come see me for your Personal Colour Analysis, or as we call it at The Colour Clinic - your Personal Colour Adventure. I'm sure you'll enjoy the gifts it will bring.


The Colour Clinic makes looking good easy!

"When you dress, let colour make your day. Let it lift your mood, broaden your expression and refresh you. Colours are nature’s greatest gifts. Explore, experience and enjoy them".
Kathryn Kalisz



Smiling True Winter man and Soft Summer woman at The Colour Clinic