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True Colour International Fan Pallets for colour matching post Personal Colour Analysis
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We call Personal Colour Analysis 'an adventure' at  The Colour Clinic.





an unusual and exciting or daring experience.


And, that it is! It is an exciting journey into self-discovery, where you witness the impact colour has on you. Is it unusual? Well, you could say it is, since it's something you would normally only do, just once in a lifetime. And yes, it might also be considered daring, because self-discovery can be challenging for some. However the one thing it definitely is for all, is a gift that keeps giving!

A Personal Colour Analysis takes the confusion and guesswork out of choosing the colours of your clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories, along with your hair. It is a science based on facts, which determines the colours that work perfectly to harmonise with you - your complexion, hair and eyes. It gives you a foolproof guide to the colours you should wear to enhance you. Wearing clothes in your colour tones is one of the easiest, most effective ways to be sure you look and feel your very best, every day.

We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed on your adventure at The Colour Clinic, so we ask little more of you, than to sit comfortably in a chair and observe the magic, as the colours transform you.


Your Personal Colour Adventure evolves as your trained and certified analyst applies a series of scientifically calibrated fabric test drapes in specific order. The TCI Method test draping process is performed in colour neutral surrounds, under special full-spectrum lighting.


Using their specialised colour communication skills, your analyst observes and eliminates colour tones throughout the various stages of the process - honing in on the key colour indicators that influence and prove your analysis result.

The main aim of your Personal Colour Analysis is to awaken the beauty within and to provide you the knowledge, know-how and tools to make you look your most amazing every day - easily.


The draping process will identify your skin's unique, personal colour tone and place it perfectly into one of the 12 scientifically organised Sci/ART tones. Both you and the analyst will be watching, comparing and discussing the effects of each colour formulated drape in the step by step process.

When you leave The Colour Clinic, you will be charged with new excitement. A sense of the new freedom you have been given and the anticipation of what's ahead.


No more being trapped in indecision in a change room or in front of your wardrobe. No more feeling inadequate because you just don't know which colour to choose. Now you will have a secret weapon to looking good and you will be armed with your personal archival quality swatch book with 65+ colours in your perfect tone, to help you create your own perfect colour harmony. 

Clothes shopping and dressing become simplified - saving your precious time, money and angst. You will look your best whenever you wear your personalised colour tones. You will stand out for all the right reasons. People will see you, not just your clothes. They will be drawn to you because colour harmony is naturally attractive and, you will glow.

You can stand comfortably and confidently in your own skin and shine effortlessly.