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Munsell Colour System used in Personal Colour Analysis at The Colour Clinic

Munsell Colour System . Image . Encyclopaedia Britannica .  27May2020

Colour is a language to which we all respond. It is the most important factor in dressing effectively. Colour exerts a powerful impact on the mood of those around you; it is the one characteristic that determines a viewer’s first impression more than any other aspect of your attire. It can alter your appearance and mood and thereby the reception you receive from others. Used correctly, colour can make you appear healthier, slimmer, younger, more vivacious, more interesting and exciting - the colours you choose to wear are the richest form of self-expression available to you.
Kathryn Kalisz

TCI Method 12 Tone Personal Colour Analysis (PCA) is what we call a magical formula for enhancing skin tone and bringing out the best in your appearance. In our opinion, it is hands down the most accurate method of PCA in the world - which is why we use it at The Colour Clinic.

Based on the science of natural colour harmony, accurate interpretation of the Munsell colour system, full-spectrum light theory, human physiology and psychology, the TCI Method was born by Amelia Butler of True Colour International, following the untimely death of Sci\ART 12 Tone PCA creator, trainer and mentor - Kathryn Kalisz, and subsequent closure of Sci\ART Global in 2010. 

Kathryn was a Munsell Institute Master Colorist and artist who developed Sci\ART 12 Tone PCA after recognising the inadequacies of the now outdated 4 season PCA system. Kathryn's Sci/ART 12 Tone Personal Colour Analysis demonstrates a precise determination to perfectly harmonise, balance and strengthen personal colouring across all races and nationalities, rather than just providing a correlation to skin tone, as the old system did. Of course, the TCI Method follows suit!


Kathryn Kalisz had perfect colour vision and an exceptional ability to communicate and demonstrate the relationship between colour and the human being. She recognised the connection between colour, human physiology and psychology - the "personality" of colour and its ability to influence you and others.


She revolutionised personal colour analysis by adding 8 neutral tones to the original 4 true season tones and in doing so, mastered a winning system that truly transforms. 

In 2000 Kathryn launched her company, Sci/ART and dedicated it to the study of colour, its use, and its effects on the human being. She was a world recognised colour leader, achieved international acclaim and was included in the “Who’s Who of American Women,” 2000-2001, Millennium Edition for her innovative work in the field of colour.

Personal Colour Analysis is a science based on facts. Its purpose is to identify a person's natural colour tone so that all other aspects of their life can be brought into harmony with their individual field of energy. The effect and implication of colour on energy, health and well-being, thinking, behaviour, appearance and more is significant, and should not be dismissed. 

In appearance, dressing is not only a form of self-expression but a strong signalling device to others. By adding PCA principles to achieve colour harmony, you emerge as a very powerful image. 

Kathryn Kalisz developed Sci/ART Personal Colour Analysis using the colours of nature, in conjunction with the three dimensional Munsell Colour System she knew so well. She calibrated the effects of colour on human coloration, establishing a 12 tone system to achieve perfect balance and harmony for each skin tone within her 12 colour tone system.  So......














The results are both empowering and life changing and, proudly available to you at The Colour Clinic through the TCI Method.

Sci/ART 12 Tone PCA was brought to Australia by Amelia Butler of True Colour International (TCI). Amelia is one of only five worldwide, who were personally trained and certified by the now late, Kathryn Kalisz. Following Amelia's training and a three year personal mentorship, Kathryn Kalisz authorised Amelia to teach her Sci/ART 12 Tone Personal Colour Analysis method.

In 2013, The Colour Clinic analyst, Jancy Sultana researched the latest methods of Personal Colour Analysis and discovered 12 Tone Personal Colour Analysis. She saw enormous credibility in Kathryn's Sci\ART system, then in 2014 trained with Amelia at True Colour International and became TCI Method certified.


Amelia's mission is to maintain authenticity to the creator, her mentor Kathryn Kalisz - in method, accuracy, teaching and practice.


Personal Colour Analysis is a powerful tool and an asset for all to enjoy - men, women and children.